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15 July 2006 @ 11:22 pm
havent been on here in a while.
my moms dissability got approved, and I live with my dad.
Ive tried talking to paige Arms, but she wont talk back.
I pretty much miss everyone, but I dont have anyones numbers in my phone.
In short call me.
03 June 2006 @ 01:07 am
So I havent posted in such a long time.
Mason awards- my sister hit a curb and broke the tire and the brakepad on my car, so I couldnt go.
Im really sad because I wanted to do my square and see yall.

I moved into my dads house. Weird huh?
Its a change but I love it.

The miata is my most favorite car, but Im getting a different one in july. like a camry or something, because I need more seating room!

My cell is 777-6206.
So call me, we'll chill.
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25 April 2006 @ 08:43 pm

I havent updated in like 9.34 years.
Ummm. So im stuck between a rock and a hard place.
And I like it.
I made a 100% on my midterm in Math. Pretty exciting.
I have to be done with my algebra MONDAY.
I am pulling all my grades up. Which is excellent.
School is over in like 3 weeks.
I want to move out.
I want my car back. NOW.
31 March 2006 @ 11:44 pm
Im tired of all of this. (INTENDED FOR DRAMA)
I try and do as much as I can. (NOT INTENDED FOR DRAMA)
be as supportive as possible. (NOT INTENDED FOR DRAMA)
but let me have a bad day. (FOR EVERYONE WHO CONCIDERS ME A FRIEND)

To the people in drama:
Yes. I acted like a bitch on Thursday. We can all agree.
But I dont normally act like that.
I was having a bad day. Red flag? possibly.
eric, if you were worried, I didnt call you a jerk or annoying.
That was actually intended for Ryan Oneil.
But can anyone honestly say that they are completely thrilled? no.

Continuing on...

Due to my situation, I was lacking the ability to get on the internet for a few days, and I am taking an online course that is required for my graduation. Seeing as Ive been in drama my entire school career, I didnt want to get out of it to take Algebra at school in place of drama.

about the dance..

If we can take out the buttslapping and actually make it look funny without it being trashy, i think munchkin land is a good idea. We want to have fun, but its not fun when you feel embarrassed.
That was the other problem a few people were having. (just to clarify).
So really.
I appoligize to everyone who was hurt and battered emotionally by my terrible day.
And Im truely sorry.

31 March 2006 @ 12:04 am
How rediculous.
Thursdays are completely not needed.
and that whole thing. Not that I dont love munchkinland...but come on now.
its really not that funny.

I need a date for prom.
Sleep sounds terrific.So does not having school tomorrow.
I wish that people were real. genuine.
And that some people werent such jerks. and that they werent as annoying either.
Im soo not 100% right now.
27 March 2006 @ 08:11 pm
Its 8:15 and still no call.
This saddens me something feirce I must say.
But whatever.

I dont need him. I just want him really bad.
I fell alseep in almost every class but drama and ag. So i guess 2 classes lol.
But yeah.
He walked with me again today. And the shirt he was wearing was the same color as my prom dress. Its a sign! lol.

Ill know i screwed up if he doesnt walk with me tomorrow.
Im good at screwing up though, so its really nothing new.

I need to pick up some money from my daddy for this whole states thing. And what time do we get released on saturday to get ready?

So its lookin like another no-date dance.
Depressing? quite.
I really like him, and I wish I hadnt done that.
23 March 2006 @ 08:33 pm
I went to anna maria Island yesterday and spent the night at my cousins beach house there.
Im getting kinda tan i guess?
So. I really really really really am about to get switched out of drama. simply because I might need to take the class im taking online at school. seeing as i dont get it.
But maybe if i read it more and more. i dont know.
May 1st.
thats a little over a month away.
And Im only 20% done.

So pretty much cant believe Spring break is almost over. but its ok, because Ill get to see Ryan sooner.
In other news, my grandpas surgery went ok, but my other grandpa was diagnosed with cancer, and it has spread to his limph nodes, and my aunt has colon cancer and they just tried to remove it. So hopefully they got it all.

The boys that work on A.M. island are freaking hot.
Serious. make me want to be a beach bum.
21 March 2006 @ 09:13 pm
I was online, and I found the link that has the naked pics of pete wentz from his sidekick.
its pretty funny actaully
20 March 2006 @ 11:05 pm

Spring break has been fun so far.
I went to the beach on sunday.
That was fun. I took my mommy.
BUuut I want to go to Adventure island tomorrow, because i found out that they did something to my pass where it will work for ever or some ish like that.
Soo. Call me.
because Id love for you to.

And I reallyreallyreally wish Id run into Ryan. That would most cretainly make my day/life.
17 March 2006 @ 06:08 pm
His name is RYAN ONEIL.

anyone know him????
ARG I like him bunches.

I think i need to go visit my grandparents some time this spring break. . . . . . . .

Um. So. Yeah.
I like him A LOT. lol date to prom? That would be suuper.
be safe. If you wana go to the beach, hit me up.

C ya.